SNAST support

August 20, 2016

OXSEN Special Educational Needs Advisory Support Teachers (SNASTs) support schools in carrying out their statutory duties relating to SEN. We are a team of highly skilled and professional teachers with the expertise to assess and give advice on strategies to support individuals with a wide range of SEN.

The team meet regularly to share good practice and undertake regular training and professional development to keep their skills up to date.

We can help your school to:

• Assess the needs of individuals so provision matches need
• Recommend resources and equipment for SEN
• Narrow the gap between pupils with SEN and their peers
• Evaluate the impact of provision against cost-set up and monitor provision mapping systems
• Ensure the school meets statutory requirements
• Implement procedures related to the 2015 SEN Code of Practice
• Undertake assessment for access arrangements and exam concessions
• Develop staff through training and modelling good practice
• Set up appropriate provision by training staff to run interventions
• Gather information to apply for additional funding and Education and Health Care plans
• Chair and carry out SEN Reviews and meet with parents
• Liaise with other agencies and signpost support

OXSEN SNAST Services can be bought through annual subscription or pay as you go.

See SNAST Offer letter on the website for current costs and contact arrangements.