August 20, 2016

We can offer assessments both in school or privately for families.
Assessments will be chosen according to the pupil’s need but may include:
• Language assessment to show level of grammar / information
• Vocabulary assessment
• Reading assessment to include decoding / accuracy , comprehension and speed
• Spelling assessment
• Handwriting Speed
• Verbal and Visual Reasoning
• Maths assessments
• Processing Speed assessments
• Memory assessments
A report will always be given following an assessment. This will include a summary and explanation of all scores, plus recommendations for future support.

Exam Access Arrangements
These cannot be booked privately – they must be booked through a school. Assessments will include Reading Accuracy, Reading Comprehension, Reading Speed, Spelling, Writing Speed and Processing Speed. For pupils who qualify for EAA Section C of JCQ Form 8 will be completed.

Dyslexia Assessments
These can be booked privately or through schools – see Dyslexia section

Key Stage 2 SATS Access Arrangements
These can only be booked through a school. We will come and assess pupils for handwriting speed, reading speed and reading accuracy. This provides acceptable evidence for supplying a reader, a scribe or extra time for your Yr 6 pupils

DSA Assessments (Disabled Students Allowance)
Students moving onto University or Higher Education will need a post-16 diagnostic report. With this report the University Student Support Department will direct the student to a Needs Assessor who will make recommendations as to the kind of support that the student could receive at University eg ICT aids, extra time, additional support sessions, a Mentor etc.