Independent special educational needs advice in Oxfordshire

What we do

Independent Special Educational Needs advice in Oxfordshire

SNAST Support

OXSEN Special Educational Needs Advisory Support Teachers (SNASTs) support schools in carrying out their statutory duties relating to SEN… read more…

Dyslexia Support



We can offer training at all levels – TA meetings, Staff Meetings, Partnership Training. We can also offer sessions to parent groups… read more…


We can offer assessments both in school or privately for families… read more…

Parental Advice

We can offer advice on how to support your child with their learning or other special needs, how to access support groups or organisations, and help with Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) applications…read more…


"Everybody is a genius. But If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" - Albert Einstein (possibly)

We are a group of Independent Special Needs Consultants working in Oxfordshire. Until August 2016 we were employed as SNASTs (Special Educational Needs Advisory Support Teachers). Unfortunately Local Authority cuts meant that this service could no longer be provided by Oxfordshire County Council. Schools, however, were still keen to use our services. There are still children with Special Educational Needs who need support. We are therefore continuing to offer our expertise and knowledge to schools on a consultant basis. We provide independent consultancy services to state schools, academies and independent schools, Primary and Secondary, in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties.

Who we are

We are independent SEN specialists.
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Joanne Allott

B.Ed. (Hons), Advanced Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching Children with Literacy Difficulties
Jo’s interest in Special Educational Needs began 24 years ago, when she spent her NQT year in a Swansea mainstream school, which had a Special Educational Needs Unit attached to it. Since then, she has taught across the primary range with experience of both mainstream and special schools. Jo spent 12 years as a successful SENco, and has shared her knowledge and skills by supporting many Oxfordshire schools as a Special Needs Advisory Support Teacher (SNAST)… read more…
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Sally Eccleston

BA(Hons), PGCE, Post Graduate Certificate in Literacy Difficulties, AMBDA, SpLd APC
Sally started teaching over 25 years ago, where she worked in Primary Schools. She has been Literacy co-ordinator and Deputy Head before becoming a SENCO, a role she has enjoyed for the last 14 years. More recently she has specialised in dyslexia and other SEN and has worked for Oxfordshire County Council as both a SNAST (Special Needs Advisory Support Teacher) and working for DAIS (Dyslexia Advice and Intervention Service). She has worked part-time at The Unicorn School, a specialist school for dyslexia as specialist 1:1 teacher… read more…
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Eileen Elmitt

Specialisms / Area
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Fiona Gove

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Philippa Purvis

BA, PGCE, Post Graduate Certificate in Literacy Difficulties, AMBDA
Philippa has 16 years’ teaching experience in primary education, 10 of which have been spent as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in several village and town primary schools. For the last 3 years Philippa has been a Special Needs Advisory Teacher (SNAST) supporting SENCO’s throughout South Oxfordshire. Philippa has gained additional qualifications in advanced educational practice in Literacy Difficulties from Oxford Brookes University and is an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association (AMDBA). … read more…
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Louise Siddle

MA (Oxon), PGCE, MA (Ed), National Award in SEN Co-ordination
Louise has been a Primary School teacher for 25 years, working in large city schools, and a very small village school. She has been SENCo at her current school for 6 years and in 2013 achieved the Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Practice (SEN) with Distinction. She went on to complete her MA (Ed) at Oxford Brookes University and undertook a research project focusing on parental involvement in reading. She still teaches Early Years and Key Stage One as well as being SENCO and English co-ordinator at her school… read more…

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